How to Save Time at Your Kitchen, Part 1: Preserving Garlic and Basil


Chopping garlic and basil accumulates a lot of time. But with the use of food processor and blender, you can save a lot of time, you can preserve garlic and basil that can last for six months. The reward of this is that you will just pull out from your fridge whenever you need garlic and basil for your meals.


garlic and food processorBasil-blender



Preserving Garlic

1. Use mortar and pestle to crush garlic

2. Take out the skin and the dried bottom part.

3. Bring out food processor in pulse mode, processed the garlic until the desired size you want. For more fine, processed in 15 minutes.

4. Transfer the garlic in a tight container and add canola oil or olive oil, make sure oil must cover the the garlic.

5. Put in the freezer and this will last for 6 months.


Preserving Basil for Pesto

1. Wash the basil leaves

2. Take out the stems of the basil.

3. Bring out food blender, put basil leaves and add olive oil.

4. Blend for 15-20mins.

5. Transfer to a tight container and add more olive oil to cover the entire mixture.

6. Put in the freezer and this will last for  6 months.



Garlic and oil-finishl

Put garlic that will cover the entire mixture

Basil and olive oil

Ready pesto is worth the effort, you can use this in pasta, marble potatoes, etc.



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