Layered Yogurt Carnival


What can be more rewarding

To eat fruits so mouthwatering

Pair with flax seed, honey and yogurt

A splendid reward for the sweet bud


yogurt layered

100gm (small cup) Greek yogurt

½ tsp. honey

1 tbsp. flax seed for layer and 1 tsp garnish

1 tbsp. graham crackers, crushed





  1. Put crushed graham crackers as the base
  2. Add Greek yogurt
  3. Add a tbsp of flax seed as another layer


4. Then add fruits of your own choice:  mango, strawberry or kiwi

5.To add a little sweetness, add  1/2 tsp. of honey. You can also create marble effect of yogurt layer by combining it with honey.

6. Add final layer of fruits, chopped or thinly slice

7. Garnish with flax seed and mint. You can add muesli, fruit jam, chocolate chips or nuts.   Mix and match fruits and nuts and be creative!



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