How to Dice Onions Easily


If your recipe requires 1- 2 sweet onions only and you need to dice it, don’t  grab the food processor, instead save energy and  try this kitchen tips to dice sweet onions easily.

dicing onion

After peeling sweet onions, stand the onion on its root, make an X and Y slice (crosswise and lengthwise).


dicing onion

Slice in a lengthwise, making sure slices are for a small dice. Let the dices fall off on your chopping board.


dicing onion

Repeat the process  and when you reach the ¼ part of the onion which is impossible to make x and y slices, just slice the remaining onion into dice.


And the technique to lessen teary eyes when chopping onions is to keep washing the knife and not the onions as written in other website. Water lessen the enzyme release by onions when being chopped.


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