All-Natural Fruit Juice

Written and Posted by: Margie Babon


(From left to right) Orange juice, apple & honeydew juice, Guyabano juice (sour sop), and watermelon juice

nat juice

Right after a long walk or exercise, nothing is more rewarding that  to drink all-natural fruit juice with ice.

Every time you crave for juice, always choose to make your own natural fruit juice and not those that comes from tetra pack box, can or plastic container. You do not know the hidden ingredients added to processed juice make it colorful and sweeter.  Mix and match fruits then add healthy sweetener if you like it more sweet like maple syrup, agave or coco sugar.

Try to add lemons in fruit juice. Lemons are good for cleansing the liver that can flush toxins from your body aside that it can boost your immune system. Here are some of fruit juice that I add lemon juice and honey.


nat juice copy

Adding lemon to all-natural fruit juice is the best way for a simple detox

When you are at home especially during the weekend that you spend your time with family, serve natural fruit juice instead of those instant. In this way, you encourage your family to go for natural food rather than processed.



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