30-Days No Meat Diet Challenge- “Stop Eating Dead Food”

Written and Posted By: Margie Babon



Day 1-Dead Food


30-Days No Meat Diet Challenge

Vegatty Health and Soul Advocacy Program

Day 1- “Stop Eating Dead Food”


Each of us has our own type of diet that we want. Not just because people are meat-eater; all of them eat meat since childhood. Believe it or not, there are kids at young age of two or three years old, they don’t want to chew and swallow meat. Yet only parents are forcing them to do so. But then until they grow into teens and adulthood, still they choose not to eat meat and follow what their biological body wants. These people are naturally born as vegetable eater but never label themselves as vegetarian. They are aware of what their body needs and they honor it subconsciously.

Discussing the topic on vegetarianism without talking about animal cruelty and animal killing is hypocrisy. Slaughtered animals are dead animals and its corpses have equivalent cost to be eaten by people. This is the main reason why you must become a vegetarian. Animals have five senses like humans do that they also feel pain and hurt when being hit or tortured. Cows, pigs, sheep, and even large fish raised in animal farm are being fed with too much drugs and speed hormones in order to grow fast and become fat that increases animal production.

As human mind is evolving so does eating habit is also evolving and killing of animals is becoming emotional to people who honor consciousness. Though to some that the reason is for personal health still the overall reason for being a vegetarian is for animal welfare that animals are not meant to be eaten by human being.  In fact, most human illnesses are caused by eating meat and even doctors are prescribing their patient to have strict vegetable diet to cure and heal.

It is so ironic, animal eater are not guilty and keep saying that, “we are only eating meat and not animals.”  But meat comes from animals and they get hurt from that reality.

Humans can survive without killing. And our human body requires not too much protein. There are protein present in vegetables and nuts so why not choose eating plant based which is not heavy in your conscience knowing that what you eat is not out of pain, torture and cruelty.


“Men! The only animal in the world to fear.” –D.H.Lawrence


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