Day 1- Why do you want to become Vegetarian?

Written and Posted By: Margie Babon


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30-Days “No Meat Diet Challenge”

To choose to become vegetarian is a major shift in life. A major goal that requires will power on why you want that transition. Treat it like your other goals and dreams that require discipline, perseverance and consistency because this will lead you to a major change not only in your physical lifestyle but within your soul and mind.

Nine years ago I am also like ordinary people eating everything. I was also mocking people who were vegetarian and telling them they are so picky and weird. But then when I worked in environmental organization, didn’t know that the destiny assigned to me was my pay-off time for that karma. I was assigned to cover wildlife documentary all over the Philippines. We trek mountains and go to different remote islands that are very rural. Behind my lens I witness how animals are being brutally killed, torturing slowly in pain. Three worst experiences were seeing a turtle from Sierra Madre Ocean being grilled alive in front of me. The tears of the turtle keep on falling and I don’t know if I will continue taking photos as I can feel her agony. The second was seeing a female cow full of blood on her head and her eyes were burst out. She survived in the flooded river in Charlie’s Point of Baler due to typhoon but never had she survived from the cruel hands of men who keep on smashing her head and throwing huge rocks on her. The cow was standing in front of me while blood is dripping on her face and I really felt sad about her until she collapsed in front of me. And the third was the grey shark in Aparri that was caught by locals and chopped slowly with its belly totally wide open. I can see the misery in its eyes while the fisherman is slashing its belly with full consciousness. For less than one year witnessing the animals how they are being tortured shift my life and choose to become a vegetarian. At the end of the shoot I don’t want to see meat, I don’t want to eat meat as I recall those vivid memories for my soul knows the food in front of me was out of pain.

That experience leads me to realization that humans can survive without eating full of guilt from agony and pain of animals. We can survive without killing animals. We can survive in plant based diet. This was my greatest driving force why until now for nine years I am a vegetarian.

In making wise choice to become Vegetarian, here are three steps to help you

1. Set your will power. Why do you want to become a vegetarian? Are there issues that teach you to become a vegetarian? Is there health issues you are facing that you need to eliminate eating meat? Whatever the reason, the reason must be strong that will let you put commitment no matter what and that you will stick with it.

2. Plan your diet. At first, it is difficult to choose the availability of food around you but if the reason of choosing to become a vegetarian comes from your heart, it is not that difficult because you have that will, you have that driving force not to go back in eating meat.

3. Ignore and wear high tolerance. A lot of people cannot understand vegetarianism. People judge it as connected to religion Hinduism. Regardless of religion, being a vegetarian is more than that. Ignore them even some of your family members will mock and laugh at you. You will hear from your friends that you are eccentric, weird; you’re a goat eating grass, etc. In short, you cannot avoid people teasing you and condemning that you have your own world and you have your own religion. Still be firm with your decision know that you will never ever regret it.

To choose to become a vegetarian is a brilliant and genius move that you will do for yourself, for the other creatures and for the planet. You no longer consider like a cannibal eating corpses of animals.


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