Day 2- Raise your Consciousness and Evolve

Written and Posted By: Margie Babon

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30-Days “No Meat Diet Challenge”
Day 2- Raise your Consciousness and Evolve


Perhaps you are still thinking and still cannot believe that for you to choose and to decide to become vegetarian, you will not eat meat each and every day. I repeat, you will never eat meat, never!. Or maybe you feel shock and sad about it as you have to turn away to a lot of commercial food that are available made of meat. The technique in order to motivate yourself is to raise your consciousness. Keep in mind that you are not an animal eating a prey but you are a divine consciousness within physical body. And that divine consciousness is pure love that doesn’t know how to harm or hurt not only human being but most with the other creatures of earth called animals.

To raise your consciousness is to raise your empathy to everything including those animals that are being tortured and killed. If you have a pet, try squeeze its legs or pinch its nose, for sure it will get hurt. Like cows, pigs, sheep, goat, horse, etc. all animals have five senses, they have emotions and they get hurt. Once you put your consciousness on a higher level, you will understand and truly accept the reality that killing is violence and that violence is not part of our divine consciousness. Violence is part of animal behavior as defense to predator. A kind of behavior that the human being adopted from animals and men are practicing it for thousands of years. This is why we keep hearing to others, “you are like an animal!” True that we have animal behavior because there is a part of our brain called reptilian brain that we adopt from reptiles. The behavior of being defensive as our initial response to fight and protect ourselves from environmental threats, those attitudes are from the reptilian brain. Our ancestors who live in the forest and cave, their reptilian brain are active and alert because they need to protect themselves and their family from wild animals that might kill them. But then since we are already evolved, this violence of killing animals that was passed to us by our ancestors must be stopped and should not be carried by modern people because we do not live in an open forest or caves exposed to wild animals. We live in secured houses and building with roofs, doors and walls.

“But hey, our ancestors are eating meat.” This is the common reaction of people when you tell them that it is not proper to kill animals in order to let people live, eat and survive. They are correct that during old age where people are hunter-gatherer living in the forest and dwelling in the cave, they hunt animals to kill as their food. But then we are no longer hunter-gatherer anymore, we no longer live in the forest foraging for food, we are no longer nomadic roaming around the mountains to visit friends and relatives. We are evolved human being that we are wearing proper clothes, we can ride airplane to go to different side of the world. We no longer digging soil to find a spot to poop instead we have comfortable water closet with plumbing waste system. Our intelligence is so developed that we know how to cultivate plants, fruits, grains and vegetables.

The problem with a lot of people is that they carry the ancestral thinking, ancestral mind that in order to survive we need to eat meat. In fact way before those cavemen came on this planet earth, there are ancient gods who are the dwellers of earth and are eating only herbs sprout from the fertile ground. These gods are divine and honor other life form on earth without hurting them or destroying them. These gods are into divine consciousness.

In making a wise choice to become a vegetarian, you are raising yourself to a higher vibration of divine consciousness and love. That you are aware of that sacred soul in you and that violence is not part of sacredness. And what worst is we should never eat the remnants of dead animals in which our sacred soul cannot carry that heavy energy of pain, misery, agony and death.

Evolve! Leave those old ancestral beliefs of hunting and killing animals. We are no longer part of those roots. Our brain is highly developed and highly evolved that we have the access now to study the universe, to discover more of science and relying on technology. But in spite of the modern world we are living, still we see ourselves as divine spirit seeking, longing and giving the energy of kindness and pure love not only to other human being but mostly to innocent animals who only wanted to live.

You are no longer hunter-gatherer but you are a divine soul feeding the physical body of fruits, grains, herbs and vegetables  that bring more harmony and energy of pure love.

Keep that pure love flowing. Become a vegetarian now and for the rest of your life!



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