Day 3- Say Goodbye to Fast food

Written and Posted By: Margie Babon


Day 3-Fastfood

Day 3- Say Goodbye to Fast food

30-Days “No Meat Diet” Challenge


“Fast food is zero nutrition and high in toxins.”
“We are not only biological specimen but we are bio-electric system that can transform plant-based food into energy.”

Happy Sunday aspiring vegetarians! And Happy Mother’s Day!

Because it’s family day, we usually go out with our family to spend dinner or lunch outside.As we are now on the 3rd day of our discipline for the 30-days No Meat Diet Challenge, this is the toughest test that you must do—you have to say goodbye to fast food! It is hurting but we need the discipline to give up eating burger, hotdog, pizza, dumplings, etc. All those kinds of food with meat, you have to bid goodbye to it.

Burger from McDonalds and other fast food chain is the most famous cravings of average people. If people are saying, they want a greener planet, they are environmentalist, they don’t want climate change, etc. All they have to do is to “become a vegetarian.” Think of this, every time you are eating and enjoying your beef burgers, do you know that thousands of gray wolf were killed shrinking their habitat? And until now wolves are being hunted by ranch owner in order to convert its habitat into cow farm? –And still you are enjoying eating burgers knowing other animals are being tortured and killed merciless in order to supply hamburgers all over the world. *(see link post about gray wolf)

I will be harsh on this but the way I see people who are meat-eater, they are selfish! Like animals, they were born and created in this planet to share love and give love. Look what humans are doing, they are killing animals even as small as forest lizard, they kill it and eat it. Meat-eaters are selfish that they don’t want animals to exist in this planet!


Dangers of Fast food:
Fast food are highly chemicalized and over processed with saturated fats and high in cholesterol that cause heart-disease, inflammation, diabetes, unhealthy source of sodium that makes it tasty. And worst, the reality on fast food, it is zero nutrition even french fries which are made of injected cornstarch. Heck it cost money and becomes bad habit of people to consume it knowing it is empty.

With too much hormones being injected to cow, pig and chicken for them to grow fast and bigger, all these drugs are being passed to people who eat the meat. This is the major cause why there are a lot of gays because of too much hormones from the diet that their mother is eating starting when they were inside their mother’s womb. And too much estrogen found in fast food also causes deadly cancer, obesity and other illnesses.

I know some friends that they start eliminating beef and pork on their diet but still are eating chicken and fish. They said their body cannot survive without chicken. Well, all are in the mindset. The main reason why they still eating chicken and seafood is because there is desire, an addiction that they cannot change. Which means, their personal want is bigger than having a heart to change their diet and think of the welfare of animals and the planet.

With a lot of information available on the internet about the dangers of processed meat, still a lot of people are choosing to eat meat. And when they grow old age 50 or 60 above, observe that most of them shift to vegetable diet. Or unless when illness strikes them and the doctor advised them to convert to vegetarian, that’s the only time they will change to plant-based diet.

I will not elaborate more on the effects of processed meat because with the all information available on the internet, it is just one click away. I believe that if a person has willingness to change, she/he will do research on her own. However ways and whatever we will post about changing one person’s diet to become vegetarian, that change and decision always comes from that person. The action is on them. We are only here to support and give somd guidance and inspire people that it is now the right time to eliminate meat and start to live with harmony with other creations–thay animals has the right to live and they exist not to be eaten by human beings or make them slaves.


Eliminating Seafood:
I know a vegetarian that still eating tuna, salmon and other large fish. Her reason, “fish only die not as cruel as animals with four legs. When you take them out of the water, they die and that how easy it is.”

I did not argue with her because it is her belief. But do you know that it is also slaughtered meat especially those large fish of tuna and blue marlin? Even if that is easy for them to cut their breath, still they have life and the blood runs through their body once exposed and spill to waters and land, it is out of violence, out of killing. And think of the mercury and other toxic present in the ocean that is being eaten by fish and pass it to people. *(See biomagnifications link)


Turn to Fiber Diet:
Some customers we meet who order veggie patties, they have health issues. Some suffers from heartstroke, some having problem with their digestion, some have allergies and their body suppress meat and other processed food, and some have cancer. Their common denominator are basically meat-eater and their doctor advised them to become fully vegetarian and vegan.

Believe it or not, vegetables, plants and fruits are nature’s greatest healer. When you eat vegetables full of fiber, it detoxifies your body and helping your body to digest properly. You feel light and full of energy simply because the minerals in plants turn into energy. We are not only biological specimen but we are bio-electric system that can transform plant-based food into energy. Vegetables are builders; it is the fabric that forms healthy bones and tissues.

Processed and chemicalized food put stress in our body and digesting meat requires a lot of energy to turn it into small tiny pieces. That is why consuming meat is considered as lifeless energy. While eating fruits and vegetables supply energy and electricity from plants that our body needs.


Where to get protein:
This is the common question of meat-eater to vegetarians. Never worry about it. For nine years I am a vegetarian (not yet vegan though I’m not a fan of milk, cheese and dairy but I still eat honey), I am still alive and full of energy. Mushroom, lentils, nuts, peas and other vegetables that has protein like broccoli will be tge sources once you become vegetarian. So never worry about this. If there is a will there is a way and nothing is impossible with it.


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