Day-4 Set the Discipline

Written and Posted by: Margie Babon


Day 4- Set the Discipline

Day-4  Set the Discipline
30-Days “No Meat Diet” Challenge

It is simple to say but difficult to do especially if you are on your first few days of becoming vegetarian. Like exercise, discipline must be daily to be consistent that will build more perseverance. If the discipline comes from the heart and the willingness is strong, nothing is difficult.

I have a story to share with you about this guy that is fat, bald and has huge beer belly who shared to us his story that he did try to become vegetarian for four months. Since he is working in an environmental organization and doing advocacy, he said in order to convince people to become environmentalist, he has to be a vegetarian. In his first few weeks, he said it was so difficult for him to change his diet but he did not cut drinking milk, eating cheese and seafood. He survived in first month, second month, third but then going to fourth month, he gave up. With all the discipline and effort he did for more than ninety days, all went back to zero and he never ever does it again to go vegetarian. What triggers him to become meat-eater again? It’s the fast food! While walking at the mall he can’t resist the smell of the freshly fried beef patty. He said, “Oh it smells so so yummy!” So he went inside and order double patty burger and he consume two set burger meals. He said, he punished himself and do sacrifices just to be in and to belong with his office mates but his huge desire is to go back eating meat. So he follows what he wants and went back as meat-eater.

You see, if the reason of getting a goal is external and doesn’t come from your inner power to change, from the heart, you will easily give up. To transform, to evolve and change requires strong will, courage and faith in yourself that you can make it. Discipline sets our character and attitude that defines who we are. And who we are is defined by our own habit.

Knowing that processed meat has a lot of toxins, why do you think that people are still into it? Because it becomes a habit that is impossible to break that becomes the society’s culture. It is part of commercialism. Part of the world’s capitalism.

Be different with the rest, have heart for other living things that has five senses. Being vegetarian is living with pure love for the planet.

Never give up. Test your strength how far can you go. Make that desire to change a truly powerful one that you can prove to yourself and to the rest that you can make it.

I was surprised awhile ago seeing some program being offered in Manila that for you to become vegetarian they will offer vegan mentor to work with you to change your diet —which means it will cost you money. I am not against it because it is good that they are converting people not to eat meat but sometimes it is good not to have a mentor but by doing “that change by your own self independently.” This is how you can really test yourself if your brain is totally hardwired or you can make it flexible by adapting yourself into new habits of creating new life and new self.

Keep that pure love flowing. Become a vegetarian now and for the rest of your life!


“Doing good holds the power to transform us on the inside, and then ripples out in ever-expanding circles that positively impact the world at large.” –Shari Arison


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