Day- 5 Never Wait for your Karma

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Day 5- Karma

Day 5- Never Wait for your Karma

30-Days “No Meat Diet” Challenge


Karma- means action, work or deed,spiritual principle of cause and effect

What we sow is what we reap. Whatever we give to life, life brings it back to us. In every action we take,
we get the outcome, consequences or result. This is the equivalence of karma.

We all know that karma is a fundamental doctrine from Buddhism and Hinduism. Regardless of religion, there is always equal opposite reaction to what we do. If you do not work you will not earn. If you are honest then you will meet honest people. This is the same on what we eat. Before those cooked meat served in front of you, it went through a lot of torture and violence. You just do not see how it was cut, how it was chopped and how killing was started.

Few years ago I lived with my sister in the village that is exclusive. I stay for less than a year but something I cannot stand with triggers me to leave for good. Each night beginning at 11:30-12:00 midnight, sleeping in my bed is so horrible. This village is situated near the slaughter house that I can hear the howling of animals even if I close all the windows and the aircon is open. Killing of animals lasted for 3 hours that even when I get used to it, I suddenly wake up around 1 or 2 or 3am from that terrible crying of animals.. . It feels so creepy, ghostly and truly sad..Every time I hear those pain from animals, my is soul is also hurting in silence.

If you’re the kind of person who believes in energy, all those energy of horrible pain are being carried in every chopped meat being eaten by humans. Do you know that eating meat is not good for our soul and spirit? If you want to uplift your spiritual life and make it in higher vibrations, do not eat meat. Every time you eat meat, those pains from animal killing are being carried by our soul that makes our soul heavy and wounded. And that energy of heaviness and violence are manifested in the physical body that we call illnesses.

People are suffering with disease and some are chronic like rheumatism, cerebral palsy, heart attack, cancer, etc. Believe it or not, this is the karma that people get from eating meat. Some do not believe in this cause and effect of eating meat but then notice when they get chronic disease or when they get old, they stop eating animal meat. Though in reality all of us get sick but once you eliminate meat in your diet, you feel lighter, energized and you don’t easily get cough and colds. Your immune system becomes stronger.

Human being has higher thinking than animals. We are sacred. We are divine. And we are created to co-exist with animals without violence and harm. To cultivate compassion with the animals by not killing them is one of the greatest challenges of human being that the creator bestows upon us.

Below are facts on how many animals in the U.S. are being killed each year. This record was based in year 2010.

Slaughter Statistics
23 Million- Ducks
35 Million- Cattle
110 Million- pigs
8Billion –chicken
242 Million- Turkey
7.3 Billion- fish
12 Billion shellfish
20 Billion sea animals (yr. 2009)

Animals killed for experiment- 70 to 100Million each year
Animals killed for fur- 40 Million animals (worldwide)
Animals killed in the shelter (cats and dogs)- 3 to 4 Million (not including cruelty and abandoned)

Karma is fundamental doctrine in Buddhism but Buddha itself is not vegetarian. For them, eating pig, chicken, cow and fish are good except for animals in the wild. They have this teaching of “no harm” to everyone, “no harm to no one” by creating harmony and spreading love yet they support animal violence which is ironic. If you want no harm and spread love, stop killing the animals because animals like humans have spirit and soul.

If you really want to create an environment with peace, love and harmony, stop the violence of killing, selling and eating animals.
Act on that pure love and make it flowing in your life and for the welfare of animals and our planet. Become a vegetarian now!

“I’m a true believer in karma. You get what you give, whether it’s bad or good.” -Sandra Bullock

“Being vegan just gives you such great karma.”- Alicia Silverstone

“Regardless of what we do, our karma has no hold on us.” – Bodhidharma

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