Day 7- Cook! And do it on your own

Written and Posted By: Margie Babon


Day 7


Day 7- Cook! And do it on your own
30 Days No Meat Diet Challenge


There is no rule that you have to eat outside or every weekend you go out to eat in a fancy restaurant. For me, the best food is the one that you prepare and the one that you cook which is home food! Eating outside has risk of eating food with msg and high in sodium. As vegetarian, the discipline that goes with it is to make your own food.

Some people don’t know how to cook and this is the common problem of aspiring vegetarian. But then there are vegan meals available nowadays and to become vegetarian is not that pain. Yet, it is also different that you are the one who prepared your meal. Chopping vegetables is good for our soul. The different colors of vegetables and the smell of herbs, onion and garlic are healing and soothing. It also clears toxins in our body especially when chopping onions. Spending time to chop veggies is relaxing to the body.

Food that you prepare at home is naturally made and this must be the best factor in buying food outside. I am not a fan of TVP (True Vegetarian Protein) or veggie meat which is highly processed and usually very high in sodium. It’s better to eat vegetables of mushroom or green peas as source of protein or tofu than veggie meat. Though some vegan has this reason saying, “at least it’s not meat.” They are right but the main thing to consider here is, “is it natural?”

There are tons of websites offering vegetarian/vegan recipes and because of this technology, there is no excuse not to learn how to cook, to prepare meals and kitchen techniques. If there is a will, nothing is impossible for there is always a way.

The advantage when you become vegetarian, you will learn new things you didn’t know before. You will know more of yourself what your strength is and how to improve weaknesses if you are tempted to go back eating meat. You are like a chemist or a painter mixing and matching what veggies are good as pair or has medley when combined. It will push you to get out of your comfort zone and make a new habit of being creative.

Eating outside is good once in a while but nothing beats home food. Do you know that some restaurants that are selling vegetable meal are using chicken cubes to make the food tasty? It is a huge turn-off but that is the reality, this info comes directly from my friends who are cook and chef that have background in serving vegetarian food.

Learn to cook your own food, make research, do experiment and be creative. Become a vegetarian now and start discovering your potentials when it comes to cooking without depending from others.



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