Day 10- Read the Ingredients Religiously, Look for natural meat flavoring

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30 Days No Meat Diet Challenge

Day 10- Read Religiously

If you are eating fruits instead of junk food, eating vegetables instead of meat, prefer to drink water rather than coke in can, then it means you value your health. When buying packaged food, you carefully check the ingredients if there is beef and chicken flavoring. This usually can be found in ramen noodles, and in potato chips and biscuits or crackers.

What is exactly meat flavoring? The meat flavoring is not exactly from beef or chicken at all. The amino acids from animal meat has added sugar called starch hydrolysate combine with citric acid and heat it as same temperature as meat.


French Fries?—Think Twice
Believe it or not, there is hidden flavoring in fast food French fries particularly McDonalds. In 2001 they include beef flavoring making their fries not suited for vegetarian. Even in Hash Brown they serve as all day breakfast has secret ingredients of beef flavoring. Here are the ingredients of McDonalds fries: Potatoes, partially hydrogenated soybean oil, natural flavor, dextrose, sodium acid pyrophosphate (color preservative). Natural flavor includes beef flavoring. Yet in 2002 they settle the issue clarifying that fries are neither vegetarian nor vegan. But who knows if they “honestly” taken out the natural beef flavoring even if they made public apology about this issue because they are selling fries for decade and cooked the fries with beef tallow.


Chemical Additives and Preservatives
If you are buying biscuits that you cannot resist, take a look first the ingredients. If there are more than six or more than ten chemical additives and preservatives, put it down. As vegan and vegetarian, we want as much as possible natural. If there are a lot of chemicals in the processed food you are buying that you cannot understand, don’t buy it! If you truly value your health, you will not poison yourself.


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