Day 11- Soul Calling

Written and Posted By: Margie Babon


30 Days No Meat Diet Challenge

Day 11-Soul Calling


Food is no longer sacred to us: in becoming too efficient we’ve changed its nature. –Mehmet Oz

People often ask my religion every time they learn I am a vegetarian and funny they often say I am Muslim. Of course they can’ say I am Hindu, I don’t look Indian. In Philippines, if you are not eating meat, you are Muslim. So I politely say, “No, I am not Muslim. Muslim doesn’t eat meat but they eat burger in Jollibee.”

My decision to fully embrace the diet of fruits and vegetables has never been connected to my religion. Catholic has no food restrictions except Lenten Season. The only religion that honors the sacredness of animals is Hinduism but then not all Hindu are vegetarian or vegan. Like Buddhist, some of them or most are still eating meat.

To choose our own diet is always a personal choice and not connected to religion that even within your own tribe, your own family, you’re not influenced by them and vice versa. If you’re the only vegetarian in the family, your parents, brother, sisters; they are not willing to give up eating meat and its difficult to convince them. The decision to change will always come from theirs not yours.

Food that we eat doesn’t only give life energy but it can also cause stress, heaviness and disease. The food that we eat could also make us energetic or lethargic. We are nature and we went through this mystery of creation like plants and animals. And to feed on artificial and processed diet, it is like you are creating walls between you and that divine soul in you. The food that we eat is affecting our spiritual life and to eat plant-based diet which comes from the ground, sprout from the soil of earth, we feel more grounded to earth, to nature, that gives us clearer thoughts with happiness and joy.

The food that we eat is considered as material because we live in a physical world. And once digested, vitamins and minerals go to the body and the waste part we eliminate. But the process of digesting foodis more than physical level. Everything around us is spiritual even the kinds and types of food we eat. If you are truly connected with yourself, your soul will tell you what to eat. Observe yourself if you get sick, no one will dictate you what to eat but your own spirit, your instinct will tell you what to eat because it knows what exactly your body and soul need that will bring healing more than the hunger you need.

Do try to feed yourself with junk food and processed food and negative thoughts and unhappiness will disturb you. Eating highly processed food full of chemicals like canned goods, biscuits, potato chips, colorful candies, processed meat, ice cream, coke, etc. cause people to become lazy and lethargic. And they become not interested in eating raw fruits and vegetables. They are so comfortable within their comfort zone that they keep eating just to fulfill the habit though they know that it is not good for the body. People become slave of processed food in order to join the crowd and be comfortable.

A person embarking on a higher spiritual journey, they see food as sacred, as sacred as their soul. And they have this wisdom that herbs, fruits and vegetables are “truly” food of their soul that refresh their mind, soothe their senses, cleanse their aura and make them grounded to the earth, to other creations and to the Divine creator.

There are old men and women in the rural areas or living in the provinces that choose not to eat meat but they don’t call themselves vegetarian or vegan. They know that vegetables are healing physically and spiritually and they need it as they grow old to have more connection with their own spirit and soul.

Imagine this, if you have your own garden and you watch your vegetables and fruits growing, and as you harvest, the joy and happiness it bring is incomparable. Gardening like other artistic hobby feeds our spiritual life. And what more if we eat fruits and vegetables, the energy it brings will brighten our soul.

Starting today be mindful and conscious on what you eat. Choose a diet that will uplift your spirit and soul and not just to fulfill your hunger and serve your bad habit of eating junk.

Eat whole food. Eat natural food. Eat food that doesn’t come from violence and harm. Become grounded by eating fruits and vegetables.

Awaken your soul. Step into a higher level of spiritual journey. Become vegetarian now!

If I had a dream, we’d all be eating more plants and less garbage. –Kris Carr



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