Day 12- Hormones + Antibiotics = Milk Toxicity

Written and Posted By: Margie Babon


Day 12-Milk Toxicity


30 Days No Meat Diet Challenge

“Breast milk is perfect food for baby people, and cow’s milk is the perfect food for baby cows.”

Milk is high in saturated fat, calories and lactose. And if there is health benefits you can get from milk, it is too small. Milk is just a food. There is nothing special on it. Do we really need cow’s milk? I think we do not need cow’s milk, it is not really necessary considering it is not perfect for human. To be healthy, you do not have to drink milk. There are other ways to be healthy, there are other fruits and vegetables that contain protein and that can make you healthy without added hormones or antibiotics.

Cow’s milk is the first “foreign” proteins introduced to infants and kids which is too concentrated for human babies and has to be diluted to make an infant formula. Study shows that infants who had been breast-fed for longer period, the less their chance to develop autoimmune conditions. This observation, in turn, led to idea that children fed cow’s milk formulas might be more likely to develop type 1 diabetes, the type that starts in childhood.


Hormones added plus antibiotics
Like lactating human mothers, lactating cows secrete estrogen and other hormones into their milk. Natural milk from cow without any drugs included seems that estrogen and hormones has small effect to infants, children, or adult who drink cow’s milk. However, for greater profits and efficiency, cows are producing 20% more milk than typically they do if they are injected every two weeks of cow growth hormone. The hormone is known as recombinant bovine somatotropin (rbST).

The use of rbST has three issues that must resolve: the effects of rsBT on dairy cows, the effects of antibiotics to human health, and the effect of insulin-like growth factor to human health.

The effects on cows have to do with their skin during the biweekly injection of rbST to force them to produce more milk, their skin break and the infection started to develop. And that is where antibiotics come in. The more infections a cow develops, the more antibiotics she needs. Antibiotic gets into the milk she produces and into your digestive system when you drink the milk.

Another theoretical effect of drinking milk that it contains antibiotic can kill friendly bacteria in your intestine and encourage proliferation of unfriendly bacteria that resist treatment with these drugs.


Lingering doubts in Organic Milk
Horizon Organic the largest organic dairy in the U.S. proclaims on its milk cartons “Produced without the use of antibiotics, growth hormones an dangerous pesticides.” “Our cows are treated with respect and dignity, fed a certified organic vegetarian diet and never given growth hormones antibiotics…together we can change the world one organic acre at a time.”

This advertising campaign drives anti-organic into an anger that led them to develop a *website that expose marketing campaigns. They are questioning farm owner that if the cow is organically grown, how come after a decade, cow’s milk raise to more than 50,000 compare from year 1990 that only 2,00 cows are producing organic milk. *(visit

In parts of the world where cow’s milk is not a staple of the diet, people often have less osteoporosis and fewer bone fractures than we do; they maintain calcium balance perfectly well on less than half the calcium intake recommended for Americans.

Dairy foods are not a nutritional requirement. Think of cows. Cows don’t drink milk after calf hood, but they grow bones that fully support 800-pound weights and more. They do this by eating grass. Grass has high calcium, and so does every other food plant: fruits, vegetables, grains, beans and nuts. These foods have small amounts of calcium compare to dairy foods, but small amounts add up can meet the required calcium that our body needs from day to day. People who eat greater proportion of foods from plant sources may do just well—or better—with less calcium in their diets from any source.

Milk is only just one food in the diet of people who can eat many different plant foods available without violence, drugs and toxic.






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