Day 9- “Daily Raw”

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30 Days No Meat Diet Challenge

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Eating raw fruits and vegetables every day is good to our body. It contains vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that balance our pH levels and boost our immune system. Eating raw foods that are unprocessed coming directly from earth is the source of energy when digesting it. Enzymes from plants and vegetables are considered as “prana” or life force that’s why we should consume eating raw more than two servings per day.Broccoli is famous for its content sulforaphane that protects the human cells from cancer. Tomatoes have lycopene. Onion and garlic have allium compounds. Soybeans have flavonoids while eating good-size orange or banana in a daily basis, it is like you have consumed two pyramid fruits servings or close to that amount. This is how fully-packed nutrients apple and banana are.

Fruits and vegetables are the main or only source of Vitamins C, Vitamin E folate and beta-carotene. It also contains variations of phytonutrients that protect human body against disease. These nutrients are the main reason why we should eat fruits and vegetables. Eating diverse choices of fruits and vegetables will provide the nutrition that we need. Since we tend to eat always the same kind of fruits and vegetables, keep in mind that slices of cucumber, tomatoes and lettuce will not give everything we need from plant kingdom. To eat in different varieties has greater impact in our health. According to Marion Nestle, author of “What to Eat” says, “People, who eat five or more servings of fruits and vegetables daily, seem to have half the cancer risk of people who eat only two servings.”


Organic vs. Conventional
Whether fruits and vegetables are organic or not, still they are fruits and vegetable. All the same except for higher nutrients of organic that comes from better soil without pesticides. The vitamins and minerals of organically grown food depend on how much nutrients are present in the soil. The difference will only be of its genetic strain and how it was handled and treated after the harvest. But still, organic or conventional, both gave nourishment and aid proper digestion to human body.

In buying and supporting organics, we are fostering the welfare of the planet with less pesticide, less risk of illnesses to the farmer who are exposed to chemicals; we are promoting to conserve richer soil and cleaner water supplies which is truly better in the long run. If we choose to buy the conventional and locally grown, we are supporting the conservation of fuel resources and the economy of local communities together with the freshness of the fruits and vegetables.

In buying fruits and vegetables, the question is “Does price matter?” and the answer is always “Yes.” In looking for a healthier view, it is the organic matters. But for practicality, we choose the locally grown and the common one. Organics are pricey and if you cannot afford to buy it, be practical. Never worry; you are both helping farmers to have job and supporting green planet especially locally grown which will be the wave of the future.


GMO Issue
Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) is what made up of even in grains, fruits and vegetables. Like the politics of organics, we do not know if it is really organic, how organic it is and what is the process to label it as organic? In buying fruits and vegetables, of course no one will put the label “GMO” because no one will buy that. But then, we cannot say it is really GMO unless you will conduct a study and test.

I am pretty sure all of us are eating GMO fruits and vegetables. What important is, though it is GMO, at least it is not animal cruelty.


The Battle
People are lazy and what they want is to favor things that will make them comfortable and convenient. Observe people at the supermarket queuing at the cashier’s lane. Their basket is filled with more bags of chips, junk foods rather than “real fruits.” Why it is so? Knowing that it is junk food, still people are eating zero nutrients yet paying the tax for each bag of chips that fills their stomach empty. The main reason, it becomes bad habit of eating food that is high in sodium. People who incorporate raw fruits and vegetables in their diet are truly “health conscious.”

Have you seen any commercial in TV promoting fruits and vegetables? None! It is the junk food company that has a lot of money to afford advertisement to push people to eating more toxins. While eating fruits and vegetables for a daily basis is always being neglected by a lot of people. Check the diet of a racing horse that eats apples daily and well fed by natural vegetables. It’s a shame, these racing horses are healthier than other human beings who were given brain to think and analyze what food is good and bad.


The “Raw” Habit
Upon waking up in the morning, always start your day with raw to recharge the alkaline in your body. A simple drink of water and a teaspoon of apple cider or water with lemon juice to cleanse the stomach is a good practice before the stomach will be filled with other foods in the whole day. Apple cider and lemon juice when mixed with water will help you to lessen your appetite in eating huge servings. Then instead of eating biscuits before lunch, eat banana or apple. To eat fruits before and after meal will help balance the enzyme that the body needs.





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