Banana Fritters

Written and Posted By: Margie Babon


Cooking bananas originating from Philippines known as Saba bananas (or cardava bananas) are great source of energy as it balances water in the body and regulate heartbeat. Rich in antioxidants and B vitamins, saba bananas can be eaten raw or cooked and usually boiled or fried or mixed with other veggies as viand.  Mix cinnamon powder to add sweetness and aroma to banana fritters.



10 Cardava Banana (saba)

2 small yellow banana

1/2 cup Unbleached flour (gluten free)

1 cup  organic soy milk

1/3  cup Muscovado sugar

1 tbsp Muscovado sugar for batter

Cinnamon (ground)

Palm oil for frying


  1. Slice banana in thin slices lengthwise. Set aside.
  2. In a small bowl, sift the unbleached flour then make a well at the center.
  3. Pour organic soy milk then add 1 tbsp muscovado sugar. Mix well for a creamy batter.
  4. Bring over small pan and heat ½ inch deep palm oil
  5. Dip 4 slices of cardava banana in a batter and fry until golden brown. Do in batches.
  6. Put banana fritters on kitchen towel to drain excess oil.
  7. Surface with muscovado sugar and sprinkle with ground cinnamon.
  8. For a crunchy bite, serve while hot.


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