Coconut and Fruit Salad

Written and Posted by: Margie Babon


Eat raw coconut meat, it is loaded with manganese, potassium and copper for proper heart function and muscle growth. Better use natural coconut milk rather than heavy cream full of chemicals and preservatives.

Palm nut and sweetened coconut meat can be bought in Asian stores. It is a Philippine product that we use to mix in halo-halo dessert. Like coconut fruit salad, the difference is it is not frozen but served with shaved ice and top with ice cream.

Relax your mind and have a bite of this yummy frozen coconut meat and fruit salad!



1 can fruit cocktail 450g (drain the syrup)

1 cup palm nut (sweetened jelly bean-shaped palm nut)

1 cup nata de coco (square sweetened coconut meat)

1 cup raw coconut meat

1 cup coconut water

500 gms shredded coconut meat


  1. In a large bowl mix fruit cocktail, palm nut, nata de coco and shredded coconut.
  2. Mix some sweet liquid from palm nut and nata de coco. About 4—6 tbsp.
  3. Use natural coconut milk. By using a blender, puree soft coconut meat and coconut water until liquid becomes white.
  4. Pour coconut milk in salad and mix thoroughly.
  5. Transfer fruit and coconut salad in a container with cover.
  6. Bring to freezer for 8-12 hours.
  7. Serve frozen. Makes 5-6 servings



If you prefer al-natural fruit salad, choose fruits that are soft to bite like pineapple, peaches, and papaya then chop it in small bits. You can also add some cherries or seedless sweet grapes.


Kaong or jelly bean-shaped palm nut is famous in Filipino dessert called “Halo-halo”


Use natural milk made of coconut meat and coconut water puree in a blender



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